Q: Will there be a 4th Wayward Pines novel?
A: Maybe. There was once a time when I would have said definitively “no.” But I’ve gotten warmer to the idea.

Q: If I send you an email, will you respond?
A: I read every email that hits my inbox. Sometimes, I have the time to respond. Sometimes, I don’t. Which is all to say… no promises, but I certainly try. But I definitely read them, and it means the world to hear how my books have made an impact.

Q: Can I send you my [novel, story, script, treatment, life story]?
A: Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I am unable to read things sent to me that aren’t under a publishing contract already, or not sent by someone I know personally. But if you’ve completed a novel, that’s a huge deal. Congratulations.

Q: I’m an [actor, director, production designer, etc.]. Can I send you my reel/resume/look book?
A: Please submit your materials through the standard channels: agents, managers, etc. The email on my website was created so I could interact with fans of my books and tv shows.

Q: Why don’t you provide more updates on film/tv development for your projects?
A: Because until a show or film is given a greenlight, nothing is guaranteed. Taking a book through the process from manuscript to what you see on tv or a theater screen takes, on average, seven years. There are ups and downs. Directors and actors come on board, then leave, and for a variety of reasons, most things never get made (even if they are purchased by a studio). So I want to save you the heartache I go through, which means I generally only report when I’ve sold something, and when it’s been greenlit for production.

Q: What’s your favorite book you’ve written?
A: Hard to say. It constantly changes. Usually it’s the book I just finished writing.

Q: What are you working on now?
A: Three things: (1) A new novel; (2) the Upgrade feature screenplay for Amblin; and (3) a nine-episode adaptation of Dark Matter for Apple TV+.

Q: Do you do in-person events?
A: Yes! I love them. It’s been harder during these Covid times, but I hope to visit bookstores and conferences again starting this summer.

Q: Will you speak to my book club?
A: Maybe! Reach out to my marketing manager, Kathleen Quinlan, on the contact page if you’re interested. Occasionally, I do surprise Zoom visits.

Q: I just finished writing a book. Will you blurb it?
A: I think blurbing is an important part of giving people a hand up, and my career certainly benefited from generous authors who helped me, so I do it whenever I can. That said, my next two years are the busiest I’ve ever faced, so I’m being incredibly selective in what I blurb these days.